Sludge Barrier

Effective sludge and oil removal

The Sludge Barrier is a magnetic separation system that removes small ferrous particles and fines from the coolant tank. Sludge Barriers can be implemented in a new tank or retrofitted  to almost any existing coolant tank. The Sludge Barrier is ideal for steel, cast and/or ductile iron applications.

Mayfran has two types of sludge barriers: 

  • Mayfran ASB Auto Sludge Barrier: will catch particles and automatically carry it out  in a bin. An electrical power input is needed. In it’s secondary function it can be used  as an oil skimmer.
  • Mayfran SB Manual Sludge Barrier: will catch particles, sludge disposal requires  manual handling of the product. No power input required.



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The best general chip conveyor available utilizing proven cleaning technology for effective chip handling and removal.

  • Increased machine uptime
  • Reduced coolant tank maintenance
  • Extended coolant, pump and tooling life
  • Compact design 
  • Easy retrofit to any orginal chip conveyor

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Chip wringing is becoming progressively more important in today’s machine shops. Environmental laws limit the maximum residual coolant that can be left in transported swarf.

Reclaiming the expensive coolant and the increased sales value of the dried chips are significant cost saving factors for a shop operation.

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