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    Mayfran is the choice for demanding solid waste and recycling operations.

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    complete, customised filtration systems for handling coolant and chips

Mayfran offers more - All from one source

At Mayfran, you will always find a solution for coolant filtration, as well as chip and scrap handling applications.

  • From conceptual design through to planning, installation & commissioning, we provide our services worldwide.
  • Comprehensive and individually tailored service concepts also complement our offers.
  • All from a one source, is not just an a strap line for us, we constantly strive to offer our customers new and additional productivity advantages from within the Mayfran portfolio.
  • We understand how important it is for our customers to be able to rely on our products, to ensure efficiency and reliability of its own machinery.
  • There are good reasons why Mayfran is a leading supplier in many key manufacturing sectors.
  • Whether it’s the automotive or aerospace world, within the engineering and recycling industries.

We are at your service!

Mayfran offers more - All from one source

Consep System

The modular solution for chip conveying and coolant cleaning

The ConSep 2000® succeeded in integrating chip conveying and coolant cleaning in a very small system space. The modular system manages effortlessly various materials and chip types. Chips and fines in the coolant tank are reduced to a minimum. This economical, flexible solution is ideal for use in processing centres, multispindle automatic lathes, rotary indexing table drilling machines and lathes.

The hinged belt conveyor for the disposal of all kinds of chips including strings and curls. The integrated filter drum cleans the coolant up to 25µu.

active member of Umati initiative to develop future’s products and systems

As an industry 4.0 initiative, Umati enables machine tools and peripherals to connect to the IT ecosystems in order to exchange and share the information


swarf processing systems

More profit with recycling

Chip wringing is becoming progressively more important in today’s machine shops. Environmental laws limit the maximum residual coolant that can be left in transported swarf.

Reclaiming the expensive coolant and the increased sales value of the dried chips are significant cost saving factors for a shop operation.

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Cleansweep RM - the new generation of swarf conveyor !

The best general chip conveyor available utilizing proven cleaning technology for effective chip handling and removal.

  • Increased machine uptime
  • Reduced coolant tank maintenance
  • Extended coolant, pump and tooling life
  • Compact design 
  • Easy retrofit to any orginal chip conveyor

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ConSep 2000 25th anniversary

Why have innovative machine tool operators trusted Mayfran's ConSep 2000 for the past 25 years?