10. January 2019

Successful high performance swarf conveyor programme to be extended!

Mayfran’s Cleansweep RM (Reduced Maintenance) metal swarf conveyor fills the gap between the normal hinged belt conveyor and the “ConSep” high-end solution. This product is used for machining when fine and short swarf are being produced, as it prevents most of these swarf from being carried into the coolant tank.

[Translate to English UK:] The Cleansweep RM comprises a hinged belt conveyor to handle the majority of swarf, (including stringy and floating types), combined with a screen box to handle fine chips that may have passed through the belt. The screen box is located between the upper (charge) and lower (return) horizontal sections of the belt and is continuously cleaned by different kind of scrapers, attached to the inner part of the hinged belt. The fine chips are carried to the tail end of the conveyor and then conveyed and elevated to the discharge point using the patented inner chip handling system that has been so successful on the Mayfran ConSep System. A screw conveyor directs the recovered fine swarf to the side where it can drop into the swarf bin. The heart of this system is the patented internal design, which catches many fine swarf chips and has a positive mechanism for extracting & recovering these. This minimises the need for manual coolant tank cleaning, thus increasing machine uptime and coolant life. Cleansweep RM is now available in two new versions The Cleansweep-RM ‘D’ has an integrated coolant tank available in different sizes. This meets the requirements of the European market. The Cleansweep-RM ‘S’ has an integrated coolant tank but has a suction pump directly coupled to the screen box. This then pumps the cooling lubricant into a filter system where the Cleansweep serves as a pre-separator for the filter unit. The Cleansweep module can often be retrofitted into an existing Mayfran machine coolant tank. The exchangeable screen box can achieve a coolant cleaning degree of 250 µm (nominal). This conveyor is suitable for lathes and smaller machining centres and ideal for applications where there are large quantities of light short metal swarf. This system is designed for a minimum of maintenance friendly operation and gentle material processing. Yamazaki Mazak is just one company that has had a positive experience with the Mayfran Cleansweep-RM. Martin Hegener from Mazak Germany Sales Department is in no doubt at all. “When there are large quantities of short aluminium chips, you simply cannot ignore Cleansweep RM’s high uptime.”