16. January 2020

Sludge Barrier removes impurities

Landgraaf,2020 - Mayfran International, the specialist for material handling and coolant treatment in the metalworking industry, has developed a "Sludge Barrier". The magnetic separation system for the cooling lubricant tank, which can also be retrofitted, removes iron particles. It is suitable for all machining processes involving magnetic materials such as steel, cast iron or nodular cast iron. It can also be used in washing systems for parts cleaning.

Light and portable

The Sludge Barrier is available in different sizes and designs: The Manual Sludge Barrier (SB) catches the chips and small iron particles with a built-in magnet. The stainless steel construction is particularly compact and easy to carry. It works in water and oil-water emulsions with temperatures up to 60 degrees Celsius. The sludge is emptied manually at certain intervals by means of a demagnetising lever. This means that the unit does not need its own power supply. Retrofitting to practically any existing coolant tank is possible without any problems. Two sizes, which differ in terms of magnetic flux density and their maximum absorption capacity, are initially available. The SB4012 offers a maximum holding capacity of 1.6 kilograms of cast iron chips or approximately one kilogram of short steel chips at a flux density of 970 Gauss (0.097 Tesla). The SB4024 reaches 1200 Gauss (0.12 Tesla) flux density and can hold up to 3.6 kilograms of cast iron or 2.7 kilograms of steel chips.

Automat also removes tramp oil and floating sludge

The Auto Sludge Barrier (ASB), also made of stainless steel, catches the particles on a circulating magnetic strip. A long drying zone ensures that the sludge is as dry as possible before it is automatically discharged into a collection container. Its compact design combines high performance with a small footprint. An easily adjustable timer function minimizes coolant carry-over. In addition, the ASB also removes tramp oil and floating sludge from liquids in a machine tool. The automatic version of the Sludge Barrier can also be retrofitted to practically all existing coolant tanks. In the 50 Hz version for Europe, it generates a magnetic force of 900 Gauss (0.09 Tesla). This enables the ASB to extract up to 40 kilograms of cast chips per hour (approx. 60 litres chip volume) or 30 kilograms of short steel chips (approx. 50 litres chip volume) per hour from the cooling lubricant. In addition, the ASB can remove up to a third of a litre of tramp oil per hour.

Protects the environment and pays for itself quickly

The sludge barrier combines economy and ecology, as a typical example shows. In a metalworking company, the lubricant tanks of the machine tools had to be cleaned every two months on average. Effort: up to two days. During this time, machines and workers are not productive. The Auto Sludge Barrier could be installed almost without interrupting production and immediately removed kilograms of sludge from the tanks. The tank cleaning intervals could then be extended from two to almost six months. The costs for the coolant were reduced by up to 30 percent. But that's not all, the cleaner KSS also increased the service life of the tools. In less than six months, the ASB had recouped their costs - and significantly reduced the burden on the environment thanks to the lower consumption of coolant and tools.