Milestones Mayfran International

Established in Cleveland (USA) by the ethnic German entrepreneurs Meyfarth and Frantz in 1933. Mayfran is a global leader in providing solutions for scrap and coolant management and material handling in metalworking, recycling, solid waste processing, and other applications.The company is an original outfitter for machine tool manufacturers as well as machine tool users.

Mayfran’s products convey, filter, separate, shred, briquette and process materials and fluids for the automotive, aerospace, consumer products, energy, steel processing, solid waste, pulp and paper, medical products, heavy equipment and related industries.

Mayfran produces worldwide at locations in the United States, Europe, Japan and India. The customer service is globally networked via subsidiaries and agencies. The group employs about 900 people worldwide and 300 employees in Europe.

Since September 2012, Mayfran worldwide is part of the Japanese company, Tsubakimoto Chain Group, Osaka, Japan.

  • Founding of the MAY-FRAN ENGINEERING COMPANY in Cleveland, Ohio, USA by George H. Meyfarth and A.J. Franz

  • The hinged link steelbelt is patented in the USA

  • Fischer Associates from Cleveland, USA, acquire MAY-FRAN Engineering company

  • Founding of Maschinefabriek Limburg bv in Voerendaal by Maschinenfabrik A. Beien and Kettenfabrik Becker-Prünten to serve the local mining industry in Limburg.

  • Founding of MAYFRAN GMBH in Frankfurt, Germany, as sales and service company for the Mayfran products in Europe

  • Takeover of the company Machinefabriek Limburg N.V. in Schaesberg, Netherlands and renamed into MAYFRAN LIMBURG B.V. to become production location for Mayfran to serve the markets outside USA

  • First expansion of the production location in Schaesberg up to 6000 m2 aera

  • Founding of the joint venture between TSUBAKIMOTO CHAIN and MAYFRAN LIMBURG B.V. in Japan to serve the Japanese and Asian market

  • Second expansion of the production location in Schaesberg up to 7500 m2 area

  • Founding of the sales company MAYFRAN UK Ltd. in Coventry, Great Britain to serve the UK market

  • Founding of the sales company MAYFRAN FRANCE SARL in Paris, France to serve the French market

  • Takeover of the worldwide Mayfran Group by CONERGICS corporation from Kansas, Missouri, USA

  • Takeover of the CONERGICS corporation by Foster Wheeler cooperation from New Jersey, Connecticut, USA

  • Founding of the joint venture between MIVEN ENGINEERING and MAYFRAN UK ltd. in India to serve the Indian market

    Third expansion of the production location in Landgraaf with an additional bay to realize up to 10.000 m2 production area

  • Celebrate 25 years anniversary of Mayfran GmbH in Europe

  • Takeover of the worldwide Mayfran Group by PHILIPS INDUSTRIES from Dayton, Ohio, USA

  • Takeover of PHILIPS INDUSTRIES by TOMKINS PLC from London, UK listed at the London Stock Exchange

  • Acquisition of the patented VIAVENT overhead pumping technology from Scheible GmbH, Geislingen, Germany

  • Management buy-out of worldwide MAYFRAN Group from Tomkins PLC by Mayfran Holdings Corp. from Cleveland, Ohia, USA

  • Acquisition of the RBF filtration technology from Clefil bv, Landgraaf, The Netherlands

  • Acquisition of the vacuum chip handling product line from Hardman Engineering Ltd, Manchester, UK

  • Takeover of Mayfran Holdings Corporation by Tsubakimoto Chain Ltd. from Osaka, Japan

    Celebrate 50 years anniversary of Mayfran GmbH in Europe

  • After 38 years of sevice for Mayfran Mr Wiel Kroonen handsover to Mr Frank Hinssen.

    The entire Mayfran International Europe management team, ready to deliver excellent products and services to our valued Customers. From left to the right: Mr. Patrick Bleylevens, Mr. Harrie van der Heijden, Mr. Frank Hinssen, Mr. Wiel Briels, Mr. Ralph Muhm.