The High Pressure Bypass filter (HPBF) provides high pressure coolant to a machine tool and also continuous cleaning of the main coolant thanks to its bypass filter function.

Features and Benefits

  • High-pressure coolant provides faster production, longer tool life and better surface quality
  • The paper media continuously and economically removes dirt particles in bypass filtering mode, even when the high-pressure pump is not running
  • The automatic operation of the paper filter minimizes production losses and costs from having to change any bag or magnetic filters
  • Increased machine uptime through cleaner coolant, less sludge settling and reduced coolant tank maintenance
  • Integrated sensors in both machine tool and HPBF tanks give a warning when the coolant level is low or high
  • Easy installation for both existing and new machine tools
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Continuous coolant through DPF filter technology up to 300 l/min
Filter tank 600 l
Control box with touch screen HMI Badge Tick1 with solid fill
Siemens PLC Controller Badge Tick1 with solid fill
Drain plugs Badge Tick1 with solid fill
Integrated coolant level sensors Badge Tick1 with solid fill
Coolant transfer hoses Badge Tick1 with solid fill
Required fittings (for conveyor tank) Badge Tick1 with solid fill
Lift pump Badge Tick1 with solid fill
Dirty filter paper bin Badge Tick1 with solid fill
High-Pressure lift pump
(up to 70bar)
(32 l/min)
Controlled Frequency
(up to 48 l/min)
Cartridge/Filter Simple Double
Low-Pressure lift pump (100 l/min to 2,3 bar) Excluded Included


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