Coolant Filtration Systems / Swarf Processing

Conveying Systems

4 inch conveyor

Hinge belt conveyor for swarf and scrap (up to 70 mtr.)

6 inch conveyor

Hinge steel belt used as transport system for swarf and press scrap transport


Closed over the floor pumpback ystem for coolant and swarf

shuffle conveyor

Shuffle conveyor for parts and swarf

powertrof pushbar conveyor

Under the floor conveyor for bushy sward and long distances

swarf vacuum systems

Swarf Blowing or Suction Systems directly at the machine Tool

scrap or swarf loading systems

Automatic Removal Systems for swarf or other metal scrap

Coolant Filter systems

MCF precoat filter

Compact precoat Filter system for highest coolant filtration quality.

pressure belt filter

Filter for Turnings and grinding applications

mvf vacuum belt filter

Coolant filter used for central coolant cleaning for several machine tools.


Drum belt filter for a large amount of coolant

Swarf processing systems

swarf centrifuges

Centrifuge for separating chips and coolant

VBU centrifuges

continuous swarf feeding centrifuge

LBC centrifuges

Lift bottom centrifuge for batch load

swarf crusher

Swarf crushing is always the first step for an automated swarf processing

TA Crusher

TA (Twin Shaft) shredder for greater throughput in a compact package

MA Crusher

The patented one shaft crusher with automatic ejector of large parts.

MSA Crusher

2-shaft crusher for hard and brittle material

VC Crusher

Vertical crusher for for surge load of the swarf



Machine pump back systems can be retrofitted to any machine tool.


Automatic control of volume and conditions of cooling lubricants